House and Extension Plans at 77 Camden Street Lower, Dublin, Ireland.

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What do we need from you?
Rough Sketch, Measurements, and hand sketch of your house. If possible, the required extension area and changes in a different color.  Here is an example:

It is important to add notes when uploading your documents. The example above gives sufficient detail and is more than acceptable. The rough sketch can be drawn on paper, photographed on your phone, and uploaded.
Walk-through video
Walk through the video to include the interior and exterior of your house. Video back and front that provides for immediate neighboring houses. On the walk-around video, reference the specific room ie. bedroom 2 that matches the rough drawing. Example:

Order Confirmation
After uploading your video and rough sketch you will confirm your order on our check-out page. You will then receive an email confirming your order. A member of our design team will then be in contact within 48 hours. At this stage, our design team might ask for some more details e.g measurements missed in your rough drawing, another walk-through video covering missed rooms in house etc…Once our design team has confirmed that we can do the work, you receive a timeline for completion of works and you will proceed to next step.

Pay into Escrow (Trustap)
Once our design team has verified your documents and the timeline for completion of works, a representative from Trustap will contact you to arrange payment into Escrow account. You will receive confirmation from Trustap shortly after your payment into Escrow and instructions on how to track your funds.

First Draft & Amendments
For the first draft, we will send you A4 drawings for easy printing. Often with a short video with advice on design.  Simply print the drawings and mark the changes required. Elevations and street scenes can all be produced at this stage. This process will typically include corrections and amendments and will continue until the plans are finished to your satisfaction.

Final Plans and funds released from Escrow
When you are fully satisfied with the plans, we will lodge your planning application if required and at this point, the funds will be released from escrow and we will accept the full payment.

Site notice and further information
Your site notice will be sent to you by email for printing with instructions on how to pitch correctly. From here on in, we will act as your agent and reply to any further info requests by the local authority. Any amendments to the plans at this stage are included in the original price.