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What is a commencement notice and how to submit one?

A commencement notice is a notification to a Building Control Authority that a person intends to carry out works or a material change of use to a building to which the Building Regulations apply. The notice must be given to the authority, not more than 28 days and not less than 14 days before

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How do I draw a floor plan?

Watch our short video It is important to note that fit-to-scale drawings or high-quality videos are not required. They are only to give our team a basic idea of what you have in mind. We will be in touch if any extra detail is needed before working on the first

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House Extension Plans Ireland

Architecture in Dublin City

Dublin, the vibrant capital city of Ireland, is renowned for its rich architectural heritage that reflects the city’s history, diverse cultural influences, and ever-evolving urban landscape. The architecture of Dublin encompasses a wide range of styles and periods, from medieval castles to Georgian townhouses, Victorian buildings to modernist structures. This

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Floor Plans

Do I need planning permission for new vehicular access?

Planning permission is required to create or alter vehicular access. If you need to modify a footpath to allow vehicles to enter or exit your property, you must also apply for planning permission. You can request to lower the pavement immediately outside your property when connecting your driveway to the road.

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