Do I need planning permission for new vehicular access?

Planning permission is required to create or alter vehicular access. If you need to modify a footpath to allow vehicles to enter or exit your property, you must also apply for planning permission.

You can request to lower the pavement immediately outside your property when connecting your driveway to the road.

If the widening project involves demolishing a part of a wall or boundary fence fronting a roadway, or If you wish to extend your dropped kerb, you will need planning permission.

Charges for vehicular dishing vary in different local authorities.

Doing the work after planning permission is granted

Below are the costs from Dublin City Council:

  • €611.60 for a standard dwelling vehicular dishing off 7 Sq Meters in size
  • €87.40 extra per square meter for bigger domestic vehicular dishes
  • An extra charge is applied if granite kerbs or other specialist materials are needed. In these circumstances, the extra costs can be significant. Charges for work on granite kerbs are in the order of €200 per linear metre and specialist paving costs, which depend on the type of material and location, can range between €200 – €500 per square metre

If you live outside the boundaries of Dublin City Council, you need to contact road maintenance in your local authority for the breakdown of costs. Alternatively, send us a message and we’ll look into it for you.


In some cases, you might be able to remove hedgerows blocking access to your driveway or impeding pedestrian access on the footpath outside your house without planning permission. It’s essential to clarify this however with your local council.

Click here to buy plans and get planning permission for works to your driveway: Vehicular Access

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