House and Extension Plans at 77 Camden Street Lower, Dublin, Ireland.


An attic conversion is ideal for people looking to increase their living space quickly and efficiently. 

Planning permission is required for:

  • Dormers extensions,

  • Velux windows to the front or side,

  • Change to roof profile e.g hip to gable.

If you are looking to convert your attic, you are in the right place. From the initial design concept, we will work with you, offering advice, and through listening to your feedback, we proceed to final amendments before submitting your planning application.

Once your planning permission is secured, we can help with your commencement notice and provide you with a reliable contractor through our follow-up services.

 Attic conversions are often classed as “non-habitable rooms”. This is due to the ceiling height not being high enough. If you are planning to use the space only for storage, you more than likely won't need planning permission so we recommend you choose our "planning exempt" service. However the benefit are transforming your attic into a "habitable space" like a an extra bedroom or office will benefit you in the long run. It will add value to your house and provide you with extra living space.

Roof shape 

There are two main roof profiles, a hipped or gable roof. A gable is very straightforward to convert.

The main issue with hipped is making space for the new attic stairs. A hipped roof is where all sides slope downwards to the walls, usually with a fairly gentle slope. This roof profile is the most common one in Ireland

You have four options:

  1. Convert the attic with a folding attic ladder for access.  (suitable as a home office)
  2. Convert the attic with a new stairs in either of the bigger bedrooms. A corridor is created between the bedrooms to accommodate the stairs.
  3. Build a dormer on the side to accommodate the new stairs which will be out on the landing above the existing stairs. You need a reasonably high roof for this.
  4. Convert the roof to a full gable or dutch hip. As above the new stairs will be on the landing. Planning permission is required for both these options. We provide a full

Our team has decades of experience designing and securing planning permission for clients looking to bring their attics into use – as bedrooms, living spaces, and offices. planning service.

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