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Elevate Your Home with a Kitchen Extension
With 20 years of expertise, trust us to deliver your dream kitchen through our exceptional kitchen extensions.


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Do You Need Extra Space In Your Kitchen?

Perhaps you’re looking to expand your kitchen’s work area with an island or need a more spacious dining section. Whatever your motivation, don’t put off the exciting prospect of a kitchen extension or renovation, which will give you a brand new space perfect for meal preparation, relaxation, and entertaining friends and family.
We understand that space doesn’t magically increase, and some construction may be necessary. However, expanding the kitchen area, even if it means sacrificing space in another part of your home, is entirely feasible.
One common challenge homeowners encounter when renovating is the excessive partitioning of interior spaces. In the past, it was customary to have separate kitchen, dining, and living room compartments, but contemporary interior design trends favor open, integrated spaces that combine functionality and style.
Expanding your kitchen is an achievable task, demanding a thoughtful plan and a bit of effort. Starting with the right design from the beginning can save you from costly alterations during the construction process, ensuring that your new kitchen is not only beautiful but also highly functional

Contact Us, And We Will Carefully Consider Your Space Needs And Related Design Specifications.

Whatever kitchen dreams you envision, we’re here to transform them into a reality by crafting a space that perfectly suits your needs. Through collaborative ideation and design exploration, we’ll guide you in discovering the ideal layout and possibilities. From the project’s inception to its completion, we’ll efficiently manage your kitchen renovation or extension, ensuring a hassle-free experience in a matter of weeks without unnecessary disruption.
At Planning Permission and Building Design Services, our portfolio of kitchen remodeling projects encompasses a wide range of options, including kitchen extensions, customized kitchens, and ergonomic designs, among others.
Here are just a few examples of the diverse kitchen styles we expertly execute, each tailored to infuse the space with its unique personality, ultimately creating a perfect and functional environment in line with your vision
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